Watchtower Equipment Care Program

You can count on the Watchtower Equipment Care Program from Endocure Technologies to keep your valuable equipment in “like new” condition. With valuable tools such as fleet inspections, on-site training, process evaluations, annual reports, and maintenance/repair services your investment in new equipment will be well protected. The Watchtower Equipment Care Program is designed to provide you with powerful options to manage your maintenance requirements while helping control costs by avoiding unnecessary damage and repair expenses.

Endocure Technologies has the expertise your facility needs to service and maintain your equipment.

Blue Line™ Equipment Access Program

Sometimes you just don’t have the budget to purchase new equipment. The Blue Line™ Equipment Access Program provides your facility with state-of-the-art equipment for a manageable fee based on your use of the equipment. This way you can have access to the equipment you need without the commitment of ownership. The Blue Line™ Equipment Access Program from Endocure Technologies is the best of both worlds.


NETI (New Equipment Trade-In) Program

With our NETI program you can get brand new equipment for a fraction of the cost.

Are you interested in upgrading your equipment?  Our NETI Program gives you the option to trade your old device and receive a significant discount on a new device from Endocure Technologies. Whether you are looking to upgrade because the repair cost of an aging device starts to outweigh the device’s value or you are keeping up with advancing technology, Endocure Technologies can help.


Please contact your local sales representative for additional information on products and programs from Endocure Technologies.